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Our 20 year business grew out of a lifelong love of movies and early Television. This has led to a lifetime search to find these films and TV shows, looking in every nook and cranny around the globe to find the rare and obscure. At first, we were just collecting to satisfy our own passion as collectors and fans. Then the business began to grow as others requested our assistance in locating titles they could not find. Finally it dawned on us that there were numerous other seekers out there looking for these forgotten treasures, and just did not know how to find them.

For every film or TV show you find, there are hundreds if not thousands that are hidden away from the view of most people, except those of us who are video ferrets. Yes, there are lost films. But there are many that are just waiting to be uncovered or re-covered from dusty vaults, dark cellars and musty attics. So for 20 years we have been not only trying to quench our own thirst, but are helping others to satisfy theirs.

We try to find the best source material that we can lay our hands on. Some things do not exist, sadly, in pristine condition anymore. We package our DVDs in hard shell cases with full wrap around artwork. We use high quality discs for our DVDs for those who like it old school.

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