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Shipping Information
Both our VHS and DVD's are priced the same. Prices are listed with each item, some items are only availible in DVD.                              Please check information before ordering.  Connecticut orders must include an additional 6% sales tax .
This price includes shipping within the continental United States of America. Those ordering from outside of the continental
USA will pay additional postage which will be calculated by weight and destination. Insurance is optional but recommended,
We provide postal tracking on every order within the continental United States.
All orders are custom made per order, so please allow 3 – 4 weeks for delivery.
If you do not wish to order over the internest you can use a personal check or money order or your credit card information (Please include full address (billing address for the card), expiration date, phone number, the security code from back of the card over the signature strip – the last 3 digits for Visa/MasterCard, 4 digits on the front of the card for American Express. Without this we will be unable to process your order.   Please make out to R & B Enterprises. Our address is below.


We have a buy 5 get 1 free offer, whereas if you select 5 single items, say 3 DVDs AND 2 VHS or any combination, you can get one DVD or VHS free. BUT  you must send us an email with your 6th choice as the shipping cart is not equipped to handle a free selection. If you put the 6th one in the shopping car you will be charged for it. Serials are counted as 2 items. The other multi-sets are not included in this offer.

    Return Policy

If you recieve a defective disc or tape we will replace it with the same title. The item(s) must be returned to us within 3 weeks of your recieving the order. If an item arrives damaged but insurance was not purchased, we will not be held resposible for replacement.  All USA orders are shipped with a United States Postal Tracking Number, if an item is lost in transit we will gladly replace it. However if it is shown to have been delievered to the correct address, and the customer claims not to have received it, unless item is insured we will not be held responsible for replacement. There is no system for tracking orders outside of the United States, if any order is lost or damaged without insurance we will not be held responsible for replacement. 

We deal with rare and old film and TV shows that are culled from many sources. We try to find the best source material availible, but some material no longer exists in pristine condition, so please don't expect the perfection of a recent film or TV show.  We will not consider this to be a defect and will not make an exchange or return based on this.

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